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Special Operations Gear.

  • 1st Special Services Force
    1st Special Services Force
    $4.95 $1.95
    "DAS DICKE ENDE KOMMT NOCH"- This reminder band is done in honor of the First Special Services Force, also known as the Black Devils Brigade. Translated this means "the worst is yet to come" and was the calling card left on...
  • Don't F*&@ Up
    Don't F*&@ Up
    A great reminder for anyone, this reminder band is perfect for yourself, your private, second lieutenant or teenage kid. The band has the words "Don't Fuck Up" embossed in black for a subtle reminder to the wearer. One size...
  • GFY
    $4.95 $1.95
    Can't read Arabic??? No problem. The GFY reminder band is a perfect way to tell people how you really feel. One size fits all.
  • Principles of Patrolling
    Principles of Patrolling
    $4.95 $1.95
    The 5 Principles of Patrolling according to the Ranger Handbook, FM21-76, CHP 5-1: Planning Reconnaissance  Security Control Common Sense This band is a great reminder for anyone from boot...
  • Shoot. Move. Communicate.
    Shoot. Move. Communicate.
    $4.95 $1.95
    Special Operators aren't great because they do advanced mission sets, they are great because they can Shoot, Move and Communicate. This is a great reminder for anyone who carries a gun for a living on what they should...
  • Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action
    Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action
    $4.95 $1.95
    This reminder band displays the words "Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action", to reminder the wearer of the principles of Close Quarters Battle (CQB). This band is perfect for anyone serving in combat arms, SWAT or any other...

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