Ranger Coffee Joins Giveaway Contest!

We are pleased to announce that Ranger Coffee has joined the REFT FB Giveaway.  We have provided their company information, please read and check out their FB page and website!  They do some amazing things for our troops.

Ranger Coffee was formed in 2006 with the simple idea of providing premium cofffee and top-notch service to the men and women of the U.S. military. What began as a love for coffee and a dedication to service has blossomed into an international social enterprise committed to making a significant impact in the lives of veterans. Ranger Coffee makes its impact, among a variety of ways, by investing fifty percent of its distributed profits inn the causes that promote and support veterans. We believe that stronger veterans make a stronger America, and we believe that the portion of our proceeds which we invest in veterans is a sound investment in our nation’s future. Ranger Coffee operates on three hallmarks: great coffee, great service, and big impact. Coffee: Ranger Coffee currently offers eleven affinity-branded coffee varietals. All of our products are developed from one hundred percent specialty-grade Arabica beans (the top three percent in the world) and are roasted in small batches in Columbus, Georgia. With a bold taste and a smooth finish, Ranger Coffee is a high-end coffee prooduct. In 2008 our company drew national acclaim for our “hypercaffeinated” blends, which through a proprietary process, contain twice the amount of caffeine as a traditional cup of joe. We sell our products in half ounce single servings, twelve ouunce bags and five pound crates. Each blend is available in ground or whole bean form at the consumer’s s preference. Service: Ranger Coffee is sold worldwide, with seventy-five percent of our sales ccompleted online. Orders typically ship within twenty y-four hours of receipt and arrive within three days of shipment. We stock only enough product to fill orders on-hand, and continuously roast to ensure the freshest inventory. We predominantly serve a military-oriented consumer demographic but we have also drawn a significant following from the police, fire, and first responder community; the Cross-fit community; the gaming community; and the many men and women of America who support our nation’s armed forces. We are presently developing wholesale markets and a chain of independent distributorships throughout the United States. We plan to offer Ranger Coffee through grocers and other traditional retail outlets by mid to late 2014. Impact: Our business model is deesigned to position us to make a significant impaact in the lives of veterans. We do so in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, direct financial support for organizations that are working closely with veterans; veteran event sponsorships and in-kind product donations; veteran assistance and mentoring; and through special projects and initiatives, these initiatives include: “¢ “Coffee for the Troops” — by far our most successful program, we provide a platform for individuals and organizations to provide coffee to military men and women serving overseas; “¢ “Just One Bag” – a campaign by which fifty percent of the proceeds of one month’s product sales are invested in a speciific organizational partner; and “¢ “Friends of Ranger Coffee” (FORCE) – (rolling out in late 2012) a purchasing program allowing repeat customers to purchase our products on a subscription basis at a discount rate. Our company is designed to be a fundraising mechanism for supporting and promoting those who have served our nation. We invest in servicemembers because they’ve already invested in us, but also because their fabric and composition are the kind that we believe should be woven throughout the moral fiber of our businesses, governments, and communities. By investing in veterans, we believe that we are posturing and preparing veterans for continued service to the nation. And if our veterans continue to serve our nation, America will be stronger for it. To make an appreciable impact in our nation’s future, we’re seeking 0.45% of the $80B global coffee market, and we’re doing it by asking people to add value to a decision that many are already make every day: the decision to enjoy great coffee. When presented with an array of quality products, we believe that ours is an easy choice not only because of its quality, but especially because of its impact. And given the choice between coffee that makes an impact, and coffee that doesn’t, we believe that most consumers will choose the former. Our company is a “service-disabled veteran owned small business,” and we will soon apply for verification of our status with the Veterans Administration. The initiative to invest in our nations’ veterans begins with fellow veterans, and we’re leading by example through our “shared value” economic model: for every dollar that we distribute to an owner of the company, we invest a corresponding dollar in veterans. Some of our organizational partners include: “¢ Team Red, White, and Blue, Inc., Highland Falls, NY. Team RWB works closely with wounded warriors to assist with transition, assimilation, and conquering the psychological scars of war. Team RWB’s outlet is exercise, and they’re transforming the lives of veterans by encouraging them to develop relationships with other veterans and be physical active together; “¢ GallantFew, Inc., Wichita, Kansas. GallantFew is a veteran mentoring and transition assistance organization that is tackling veteran suicide, homelessness, and unemployment. Ranger Coffee is a GallantFew “Founding Donor” and continuously invests in the organization; and “¢ Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Inc. and the Gary Sinise Foundation, Inc., Staten Island, New York and Studio City, California, respectively. The Foundations have joined efforts to build “smart homes” for the most severely wounded veterans. Ranger Coffee is working closely with the Foundations to raise money for homes being built for Marine Corporal Todd Love in Atlanta, Georgia, and Army Sergeant First Class Michael Schlitz in Columbus, Georgia. We have invested in, and will continue to invest in, a broad variety of other organizations and efforts that are designed to raise money for, or provide direct treatment, assistance, training, coaching, and/or mentoring, to veterans. It is a privilege and an honor to continue serving, and we are thankful for the opportunity to share our story with, and hopefully””serve””you. Thank you for your interest in helping us “serve those who serve,” and thank you for your interest in investing in veterans for a stronger America. For more information about Ranger Coffee or to purchase our products, please visit our website at www.rangercoffee.com. You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. For partnership or affiliate inquiries, please e-mail info@rangercoffee.com. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!

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