Igniter Zipper Pull™

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The Igniter Zipper Pull™ is a quick add-on item to any piece of gear that gives you the ability to easily make fire. Each zipper pull is made from 550 FireCord which is built with an internal strand of red waterproof fire starting tinder. Additionaly, we have included a ferrocerium rod capable of burning at over 2000 degrees and can be used hundreds of times. Each zipper pull is made with 16″ of Live Fire 550 FireCord that can be used in a wide variety of survival applications. To start your fire, simply unravel your zipper pull, remove the red tinder from within the paracord and strike it using the attached ferrocerium rod.

  • Sold as 3 pack
  • 16″ Live Fire Paracord
  • 1 x Ferrocerium Rod
  • Assembled in the USA