Human Resources Target

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The Human Resources Target was developed at the request of a Special Operations unit, in order to provide an endless supply of drills that include flat range work, as well as shoot-house/CQB training.  

Each of the five individual targets is designed with a different shape, color, letter, and number combination. All targets have a head, chest, and thoracic cavity zone, based on the average human height and width of each area.

By establishing a diverse set of targets that vary in combination, instructors and shooters can easily develop an infinite number of drills that are focused around their specific type of shooting. Advanced shooters can rehearse specific tactical scenarios, while beginners can work through basic fundamentals of shooting. 

  • Measures 23 x 35"
  • Infinite number of shooting combinations
  • Anatomically correct "Kill Zones"
  • Made in the USA

Targets shown have been arranged to their corresponding configuration

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