GTG Baseline Paper Shooting Target

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The GTG Baseline Target is the brainchild of GTGConsult, a premier 
training company based out of Denmark. The target was designed by Ebbe 
Wolff, a 15 year veteran of the Danish Army and the lead instructor of 
the company.

The GTG Baseline Target is one of the best paper shooting targets for 
anyone looking for a training solution that offers multiple training 
scenarios. The shooting target offers both traditional and 
non-traditional overlays that allow you to run a wide variety of pistol 
and rifle shooting drills, tests and exercises.

For more information on GTGConsult visit: 
where you can also find and download a wide variety of shooting drills 
specifically supported by this target.

- Developed by GTGConsult
- 23 x 35"
- Printed in the USA


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