The Slingster Rifle Sling

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The RE Factor Tactical Slingster Rifle Sling by Ferro Concepts is on of the most versatile rifle slings on the market It's rapid adjust rubberized pull tab allows the ability to quickly transition your weapon from securely slung to combat ready. The Slingster is flexible with multiple configurations including one point and two point with the added revolutionary pad that is removable and adjustable to maximize comfort and ergonomics. Its open ended design allows you to directly mount to your weapon system or add your choice of attachment hardware. 

  • Adjustable pull tab
  • Padded Sling
  • Configurable for both single point and dual point use
  • Made in the USA
  • *Rifle attachments not included 

What Makes This the Best Tactical Sling?

It's hard to say what makes the best rifle sling.  In our opinion, the best tactical sling is one that allows you to perform your job quickly and efficiently.  Most tactical slings either offer not enough adjustment or are overly complex.  The Slingster Rifle Sling features an easy-grab pull tab which make on the fly adjustment quick and easy.  This is crucial when operating in a tactical environment.  

Leather Rifle Slings vs Nylon Rifle Slings

The two primary slings on the market are leather slings and nylon slings.  While leather slings offer a more nostalgic feel and are used primarily by hunters, the do tend to be less versatile and harder to use in a tactical setting.  Leather slings often feature a more difficult size adjustment function that takes more time that traditional nylon slings.  In addition leather slings require post mission care if they are exposed to the elements.  






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