Operator Band Practice Kit

Operator Band Practice Kit

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The Operator Band practice kit is designed to allow you practice with all of the same items offered in the Operator Band without having to disassemble the band. The components can also be added as individual items to other survival kits.

IMPORTANT: A band cannot be assembled using this kit. It is designed to be used as a training tool for the individual survival items.

We will only accept returns on unopened and unused practice kits. The individual components cannot be replaced after use.

  • 12′ Paracord
  • P-51 Can Opener
  • 18″ 45lb Test Snarewire 
  • 30′ 80lb Test Fishing Line
  • Fishing Hook
  • Handcuff Key Buckle
  • Ferrocerium Fire Starter
  • Suunto Clipper Compass (OPTIONAL SOLD SEPARATELY)