Chest Rig

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The RE Factor Tactical Mini Chest Rig by Ferro Concepts is a fully customizable chest rig that can be easily altered to fit the mission at hand.  The rig comes with a large velcro area that can take a multitude of tactical accessory items such as 5.56 magazine pouches or any velcro radio pouch. The rig comes with a fully adjustable waist strap to ensure the rig stays in place during the fight. 

  • Loop Velcro Panel for multiple mission profiles
  • Loop ID Patch area
  • Vertical slits for comms wire management
  • Fully adjustable waist strap

AK Chest Rig

The Chest Rig is easily customizable as an AK Chest Rig by placing any velcro 7.62 x 39 velcro pouch.  The rig is wide enough to fit three AK 47 magazines side by side. 

Tactical Chest Rig

The Chest Rig is one of the best tactical chest rigs on the market due to its ability to adapt to almost any mission.  The chest rig comes with vertical cut slots specifically designed to fit comms cables and Push To Talk devices. The back of the chest rig has a large loop velcro panel for identification patches.  

Shotgun Chest Rig

For anyone carrying a shotgun the Chest Rig can easily be customized for shotgun shells.  This makes it a great chest rig for breachers and three-gun shooters alike. The rig itself is fully adjustable in height that allows you to place the shotgun shells as high or low on your chest as you like to help with rapid reloads. 


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