Defense Target III

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The Defense Target III

The Defense Target III is designed to give you an enhanced training experience by offering one target that can be customized with multiple stickers. The Defense Target III features an individual that can transform from a defensive no-shoot to a shoot target with one sticker placement.


The Defense Target III Explained

Each sticker is designed to perfectly match up with the target's chest area. This allows instructors to take one target and change scenarios rapidly. By changing the target constantly, students are forced to look at different places on the body to make the right decision of whether or not the target is a threat.

The Defense Target III matches up with the varied stickers (sold separately). 

Target Scoring

The Defense Target's scoring areas are designed to be as close to the average human's anatomy as possible.  The "5" head box measures the average width and height of a human head while the "5" heart box is purposefully offset slightly right (target's left) and sized to the average human heart.  Both "5" areas are designed to mimic a kill zone. The "4" zones match the average lung size and pelvic girdle area and are designed to mimic a shot in which death is probable but not guaranteed.  The "3" represents the outline of the average human body and represents an area where death is possible but not likely.

  • 23 x 35"
  • Made and Printed in the USA


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