Slick Plate Carrier

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The RE Factor Slickster by Ferro Concepts is an incredibly low vis, slick plate carrier designed for a multitude of missions. The Slick Plate Carrier is strategically made to fit our other available tactical nylon pouches allowing it to adapt to anything from low vis operations to kinetic operations that require high vis items. 

The Slick Plate Carrier comes with an elastic carry cummerbund that can accommodate various magazines, cell phones, flashbangs, smoke grenades, radios, and medical items. 

The carrier also comes with loop velcro on the back and front chest for adhesion of call-sign patches, flags or other velcro accessories. The straps are made of a an extremely durable laminate that allows for minimal bulk for use under a shirt. We also offer padded shoulder pads that can quickly attach to the carrier if needed. 

On the bottom of the Slick Plate Carrier are additional laser cut slots that allow for placement of tourniquets or abdominal pouches. This combined with the laser cut slots on the top of the carrier offers multiple set-ups to meet your mission needs. Weighing in at only 14oz, the Slick Plate Carrier is one of the lightest carriers on the market. All standards plate fit in the Slick Plate Carrier to include the ESAPI, SAPI, XSAPI, swimmer cut, shooter cut and stand-alone level 4 plates. 

  • Made in the USA (Berry Compliant)
  • High adaptable
  • Chest and back loop velcro
  • Cummerbund magazine placement
  • 14oz
  • Fits most common plates