P-51 Can Opener (2 Pack)

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Minimalistic with the ability to perform numerous survival tasks.

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The P-51 Can Opener is a larger version of the popular P-38 Can Opener and has been issued to soldiers since WWII.  We have enhanced the P-51 with a tough cerakoat finish to reduce rust and shine in the field. In addition we added a second hole to allow the opener to be woven to a paracord pracelet or other piece of survival gear.

  • Measures 2″ x .5″
  • Cerakoted
  • Made in the UK

List of uses by the Pentagon: 

1. Can opener

2. Seam ripper

3. Screwdriver

4. Clean fingernails

5. Cut fishing line

6. Open paint cans

7. Window scraper

8. Scrape around floor corners

9. Digging

10. Clean out groove on tupperware lids

11. Reach in and clean out small cracks

12. Scrape around edge of boots

13. Bottle opener

14. Gut fish (in the field)

15. Scale fish (in the field)

16. Test for ‘doneness’ when baking on a camp fire

17. Prying items

18. Strip wire

19. Scrape pans in the field

20. Lift key on flip top cans

21. Chisel

22. Barter

23. Marking tool

24. Deflating tires

25. Clean sole of boot/shoe

26. Pick teeth

27. Measurement

28. Striking flint

29. Stirring coffee

30. Puncturing plastic coating

31. Knocking on doors

32. Morse code

33. Box cutter

34. Opening letters

35. Write emergency messages

36. Scratch an itch

37. Save as a souvenir

38. Rip off rank for on-the-spot promotions

39. Bee sting removal tool (scrape off with blade)


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