Custom IR/Glow in The Dark Patch (Pair)

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Our custom IR Patches are built through IR.Tools and offer a premium design that withstands prolonged use and wear. The Fusion ID patch combines IR Reflective, Thermal and or Photo-luminescent technology into one patch to provide several identification options. Available in tan, black, ranger green, Multicam, AOR1 and AOR2. These use a durable sewing technique that won't deteriorate like similar patches on the market. 

A Fusion patch enables your Night Vision devices, Thermal imaging devices and the Naked eye to all detect who you are and where you are. 

Each patch is embedded with sandstorm technology, a durable design that won't peel and offers a much brighter reflection.


If your call sign includes more than 6 characters, we recommend using a patch size that is 4" +.  

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