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RE Factor Tactical is a SOF Veteran led company with the mission of providing Military and Law Enforcement with Unconventional Solutions™ that are essential for adapting to unconventional problems in the field. After lessons learned from decades of combined field experience in military and paramilitary special operations, we recognize that specialized equipment is a necessity for mission accomplishment. Our products are only put into production after extensive field-testing, conducted by operators serving overseas, to ensure they meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

RE Factor Tactical products are proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest quality and because we believe in the value of investing in our homeland. RE Factor Tactical produces shooting targets, specialty gear, range equipment and sources additional tactical equipment from our supplier network of over 360 companies; We currently serve countless Government agencies, units, and departments across the country. We take extreme pride in serving these organizations in a timely and caring matter ensuring that every customer expectations are met and exceeded.


  • A complete offering of high-quality need-driven combat tested equipment
  • USA Made & Berry Compliant capabilities for contract and purchasing compliance
  • Specialty prototyping for meeting specific custom specifications
  • Developed production and logistics infrastructure for ensuring on-time worldwide delivery
  • Managing military Veteran subject matter experts who provide in-depth product reviews/demos
  • Exceptional customer service with dedicated representatives for fast acquisitions


  • Purchase Orders & Government Contracts
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Government Purchase Cards
  • Prime Vendor purchases available through Quantico Tactical


  • Successful delivery orders from the DOD, DOS, DOJ, DHS, and HHS
  • Supplier for the Army IMCOM IMWR-CRB (BOSS Program)
  • Hundreds of military, federal and law enforcement customers


Formal Test & Evaluation Requests, Requests for Quotes and Purchase Orders may be emailed to

CAGE: 9Q867



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