Recondo Pouch

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The Recondo Pouch™ is a one-stop pouch that allows you to quickly access navigation equipment, reference cards, and other admin tools. The pouch exterior allows the Garmin 401 GPS to be attached for quick, hands-free reference when conducting a raid, patrolling, hiking, calling ECAS/MEDEVAC or HALO operations.  A small velcro internal pouch is designed to carry money, CAC card or other important items.  The integrated elastic loops are sized to fit chemlights, pens/markers, or pen flares.

Each pouch comes with two removable 5″ x 5″ clear window inserts for quick access to maps or reference cards, allowing them to be switched out, added or removed as needed. This feature came from the request of a Tier 1 SMU that would hit multiple locations in a night and required removable target packets. The operators are now able to carry multiple target packets in their pockets and switch them out as they make movement to new mission locations.

  • Measures 6″ x 3″
  • (2) Removable 5″ x 5″ inserts
  • (2) PALs mounting clips
  • Fits Garmin 401 GPS
  • Made in the USA
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