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Paper Shooting Targets

Paper shooting targets are an excellent way to improve your marksmanship skills. Whether you're simply looking to improve your accuracy or you're training for your job, a paper target for shooting can help hone your skills.

How to Select the Right Paper Shooting Target

The best way to determine the right target for you is to first determine your end goal. If you’re looking to simply improve your marksmanship then you will want to look at purchasing a bullseye type target. If you’re looking to improve your accuracy as well as your tactical proficiency you should look for a target that offers multiple training solutions.

We personally recommend looking for a shooting target that’s going maximize your time at the range. In many cases people simply go to the range, shoot a few boxes of ammo at a bullseye and leave. While this may help get your group tighter, it fails at actually making you a better shooter.
 The RE Factor Tactical Paper Shooting Target line is designed to maximize your time at the range by offering interactive targets and accompanied shooting materials. We offer a wide variety of targets from IDPA/IPSC targets to FBI and other agency qualification targets.

Downloadable Shooting Targets

In addition to our shooting paper targets we also over several free downloadable paper targets. These targets are free to use and are designed to help you out in a pinch or if you’d like to simply try out a few versions of our targets before making a purchase. Downloadable targets are a great and inexpensive way to enhance your range time. We suggest downloading these targets as a way to first try out some of our online drills. These targets themselves are small variations of some of our best selling targets. When downloading our paper shooting targets ensure you save the image as a PDF before printing. We’ve found this is the easiest way to get the best quality when printing the target.

Bulk Shooting Targets

RE Factor offers both individual and bulk purchases of Paper Shooting Targets. With our bulk purchase programs you will save with quantity. If you are a government customer looking to purchase paper shooting targets in bulk please be sure to email us at so we can get you set up! Our bulk purchase programs vary depending on the kind of target you are looking to purchase as well as the quantity of targets you’d like to buy. For individual customers we offer bulk purchase discounts up to 100 targets. For our government and retail customers we offer bulk discounts at varying quantities into the thousands. Please be sure to contact us for your specific rate!

Large Paper Shooting Targets

RE Factor Tactical offers multiple sizes of shooting targets. The majority of our paper shooting targets are larger and measure 35 x 28”. These sizes are ideal for qualifications, various training scenarios and long range distances. Large paper shooting targets are the preferred choice of most government units and can be used at both indoor and outdoor ranges. If you’d like to have a custom large paper target produced please ensure you email

Law Enforcement Targets

We sell a number of Law Enforcement Targets for the FBI, ATF, Department of Homeland Security and more. In addition we have worked with a few special operations units for custom targets for their specific needs. When developing a target for a unit we sit down with the unit’s trainers to look at their training needs and help them to develop a target that will maximize their time at the range. We’ve worked with units that had both an existing design as well as units that simply had an idea. We are capable of any level of customization. If you’d like to have a custom target designed for your law enforcement or government unit, please email If you are looking for government qualification targets we can also print them upon request. Law Enforcement Qualification Targets are available for both individual purchases if found on our website or for bulk purchases upon request.

Walmart Shooting Targets (and other large venders)

Many people prefer to purchase their shooting targets from Walmart or other large vendors. The problem with purchasing targets from a large vendor like Walmart is that one, they don’t support firearms and two it doesn’t support small business. In February of 2018 Walmart stated that they no longer supported the sale of certain types of guns. Yet they still choose to sell guns that generate profit and gun accessories. This shows Walmart publicly doesn’t support gun certain sales because it’s the trendy thing to do yet will gladly make a profit off the gun industry. When you purchase targets from RE Factor you support small business as well as the veterans who work for our company. We fully support the gun industry and we design our targets to benefit gun users rather than to simply generate profit.

Hostage Shooting Targets

You may be looking for quality hostage shooting targets. We created the Human Resources Target at the request of a tier one unit. This target is specifically designed for their hostage rescue training and can be set up for a wide variety of scenarios. Our hostage rescue target has multiple shapes to help add additional training scenarios on top of simple hostage rescue drills. In addition, the shapes to the left and right of the head can be used for precision shooting training. When choosing a hostage shooting target always ensure you are choosing something that offers the widest variety of training.

What Makes a Great Paper Shooting Target?

Paper shooting targets are usually created as an afterthought and offer little actual training value. A good target is one that offers the maximum training value. You should always look to avoid basic bullseye targets since they offer little to no training value outside of simply grouping. Targets like our Essentials Target are designed to offer multiple shapes and training scenarios, especially when combined with our training materials. When looking for the best shooting target make sure you look at your end goal and what you want to out of your day at the range. Let’s face it, bullets are expensive but if you make everyone count you will end up getting a better bang for your buck… literally. When we design our targets we take avid shooters as well as beginning shooters and create a target that can be used by any level. Each shooter is different and while it’s difficult to create one that can fit everyone’s needs we go through great lengths to create something that is going to help out a wide variety of shooters.

Best .22 Shooting Targets

One of the best and economical ways to shoot and practice your fundamentals, without breaking the bank, is shooting .22 caliber. There are many conversation kits you can get for your most popular weapon systems that will allow you to keep your favorite pistol or rifle while practicing on inexpensive targets. One of the best .22 shooting targets you can take to the range is the RE Factor Keyhole target.

Target Shooting Solutions

There are many different “shooting solutions” out on the market. Just because it looks like a zombie and has a few critical hit areas doesn’t mean it will make you better. Trust me, there is a time and place for the zombie targets, but used as a solution probably isn’t one of them. For a total shooting solution take a look at RE Factor’s Essential Shooting Guide. Couple this with the Essential Targets and you have a complete shooting solution that maximizes your time on the range.

Best 9mm Target for Pistol Shooting

Finding the best 9mm target for pistol shooting isn’t hard, it all depends on YOU the shooter. What do you want accomplish? Are you competing? Are you practicing for work? Or are you a shooting enthusiast? If you search here at RE Factor’s online store there are several targets designed to get the most out of yourtime at the range. Each pistol target is designed to put your shooting skills to the test and force you to hone your fundamentals.