Defense IV Stickers, Right Hand, 6 pack

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These stickers are designed to be used in conjunction with our Defense Target IV.  Each sticker is made to overlay onto the Defense Target to change the target to meet your training needs.  We offer 6 stickers that are placed on the right-hand section of the Defense Target.  This includes a camera, empty overlay, pistol, knife, chisel and a marker.  

Each sticker's scoring outline and profile will match up exactly with our Defense Target to ensure the target looks natural.  This allows instructors to turn the Defense Target into a multitude of target variations to include shoot and no-shoot scenarios.  

Our Variety Pack includes one of each sticker for a total of 6 stickers.  This allows you to change our Defense Target into 6 different scenarios including "shoot" and "no-shoot" options.  

Variety Pack Includes:

(1) Camera

(1) Empty Overlay

(1) Pistol

(1) Knife

(1) Chisel

(1) Pen

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