Tourniquets for Heroes

The Tourniquets for Heroes program is designed to get tourniquets in the hands of Law Enforcement personnel. 

Everyday citizens, looking to support our Law Enforcement can purchase a tourniquet for them at a discounted price.  When they purchase a tourniquet we send it to someone from our verified Law Enforcement list.  We sell the tourniquets at a discounted rate to help get the tourniquets in as many hands as possible.

This is your chance to directly support law enforcement personnel.  Tourniquets help lives by reducing death from massive hemorrhage and many law enforcement departments do not have the funds to purchase their personnel tourniquets.  We hope this program will help save lives and show the men and women who protect us daily that we support them and their efforts to keep us safe.  

We will send the officer one RATs Tourniquet and let them know you wanted to support them in their efforts.  If you purchase more than one Tourniquet for a Hero we will send it to more officers.  

If you are interested in being a recipient of a tourniquet for a Hero be sure to sign up here.

*Under this program you are purchasing one tourniquet for a hero.  We will NOT be sending a tourniquet to you.  You cannot purchase a tourniquet for yourself under this program.  If you would like to purchase a regular RATs Tourniquet for yourself please visit

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