Best Shot Timers

Shot timers are one of the best ways to improve your shooting. Whether you use a shot timer to become a better IPSC shooter or you'd like to just speed up your draw speed, shot timers are the best way to assess your progression. Most shot timers are well suited for competition use as well as recreation use, however, some are better than others. To use, the best shot timer is the one that won't break the bank, will last and is accurate. So here is our list of the best shot timers on the market.

Best Shot Timers

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer Blue CEI-4700

The Pocket Pro Timer II is our company's go-to shot timer. We have put these through the ringer and they hold up great. The timer itself is durable and has managed to sustain a lot of drops. Like most of the other timers on the market this can record par times, split times and various shot strings.

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Timer,

This is our second favorite timer and mainly because it's the first version of the Pocket Pro II. We have actually found this one to be more durable that the Pocket Pro II and the batteries seem to last a little longer... Although that's just speculation.

CED7000 Shot Timer

The CED 7000 is a great option, especially for anyone looking to get into competition shooting like IPSC or IDPA. We have found this unit to be a little less durable than that Pocket Pro line and it can be finicky... However it's a lot more lite weight than the Pocket Pro, can be worn around a neck or lanyard and is very accurate.

PACT Club Shot Timer 3

The PACT Club Shot Timer 3 is a good choice for its Limited Lifetime Warranty, 100 shot string memory capabilities and corrosion proof contacts. This is an ideal timer for outdoor shooting. In the past these had poor quality, however, the company has done a great job of turning their durability around.

Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer

The Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer is one of the newer shot timers on the market with the first edition coming out around 2013. The first versions had a lot of issues however, the company listened to the complaints and has released the Shotmaxx-2. This shot timer has a lot of great features to include a water resistant housing, unique shot detection which detects shots only from your pistol allowing it to be worn at the range. In addition the sensor is so strong it can pick up the sound of an airsoft pistol which makes it a great training tool at home.