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R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

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Fast acting, one-handed manipulation for massive hemorrhage control.

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The R.A.T.S. (Rapid Application Tourniquet System) was designed based on feedback from the battlefield where soldiers required a tourniquet that could be easily applied and offered a low profile carry. The tourniquet is already in use around the world by varying SOF elements and has been proven on the battlefield. The R.A.T.S. can fit just about anywhere on your kit and can be quickly applied to an extremity using one hand.

  • 1/2″ Flat Bungee Cord quickly stops the bleeding
  • Low profile carry
  • Robust locking system
  • Half the price of traditional tourniquets
  • Made in the USA

Q: The band looks very thin. Will it cause tissue damage?
A: No. The R.A.T.S. tourniquet is designed to expand with tissue as it swells from injury. Traditional nylon tourniquets cannot accommodate the swelling tissue, and can potentially cause damage. The elastic used in the R.A.T.S. will more effectively allow for tissue expansion without the pressure of the tourniquet increasing.

Q: The band is not as wide as a standard tourniquet. Will it stop heavy femoral bleeds?
A: Yes. The R.A.T.S. measures at .5” wide. The repetition of wraps is so effective because it functions in principle like “tandem tourniquet placement”.

Q: Is this TCCC approved?
A: TCCC does not approve or deny any medical equipment for the military as it is no longer a function of the committee. Authority lies with the medical director of each area or jurisdiction. With that said, the R.A.T.S. is currently undergoing evaluation by TCCC. So far voting members of TCCC have tested and recommended the R.A.T.S. for use.

Q: Can this be used on children and K9s?
A: Yes. The design of the R.A.T.S. allows for it to be used on smaller extremities where as current issued tourniquets, to include the CAT, SOF-T, and METTs, do not.

Q: Who currently uses the R.A.T.S.?
A: Many teams in the SOF community, DOD, and LE.

2 reviews for R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been carrying a CAT tourniquet for some time now, and while it is a great product, the biggest problem was that it was somewhat bulky as an EDC. The thing I love about the RATS tourniquet is how compact it is. You can neatly pack it into an elastic holder, attach it to a belt or vest, or just wad it up and stuff it in a pouch or pocket. Very simple to carry an deploy. My CAT has since been moved to my BOB, and this little guy goes with my in my pocket or bag.

  2. 5 out of 5


    These tourniquets are the best thing going. I keep one on me all the time. I recently did a video review of them here: https://kitbadger.com/r-a-t-s-tourniquet/

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