Arisaka 40 Deg M-lok To M-lok Adpt

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The Arisaka M-Lok to M-Lok Adapter (MMA) provides the user with a set of three half M-Lok slots at 40 degrees offset. This is especially useful for handguards that lack M-Lok slots at the 1:30 and 10:30 clock positions. The MMA is perfect for mounting a Unity Hot Button to one side of the top rail, allowing easy activation with your thumb. The MMA can also be used on the 6 oclock M-Lok slots in combination with a vertical grip like Arisakas VFG-M to create a grip that angles out to one side, providing more clearance around drum magazines or for use on a light machine gun.

Features :
  • ,Length: 2.2";"Weight: 0.6 oz,
  • ,Hardware: Two M-Lok nuts, two 10-24x5/16" Torx button head screws,
  • Made in the USA
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