G10 Sharp-ie (Self Defense Tool)

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Introducing the G10 Sharpie - Your Ultimate EDC Tool for Everyday Carry

Crafted from the iconic Sharpie marker, this compact and lightweight EDC tool is a versatile companion for daily activities. The ink has been removed from a standard Sharpie body and replaced with a hardened G10 insert, similar to carbon fiber, and commonly used in high-end custom knife handles. The insert is attached to the marker body using top-grade epoxy, ensuring a secure connection.

Having undergone rigorous testing in various environments, these EDC tools are built to withstand heavy use and abuse. Additionally, the absence of metal components makes them virtually undetectable by metal detectors and x-ray.

Please note that the G10 Sharpie is designed for practical use and not as a toy. All sales are final for this must-have everyday carry essential.

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