Radian Talon Gi 45/90 Saftey

Regular price $41.95
Introducing the Talon-GI, Radian is pleased to offer a variant of their Talon 45/90 safety selector that features no weak side lever, for those who prefer this configuration to an ambidextrous setup. The Talon-GI comes with one long lever that is installed on a precision machined dovetail cut and retained with a spring-loaded retention stud to lock the lever in place - no screws to come loose or break. The Talon is compatible with most semi-automatic AR15 & AR10/SR25-pattern rifles as well as MCX and MPX platforms. The Talon-GI can be configured in either a 45 degree short throw or standard 90 degree configuration. The safety features a safe and fire indicator on the weak side of the safety cylinder.

Features :
  • 45/90 Degrees
  • Single Sided Throw Lever
  • Interchangeable Throw Lever
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