Counter Custody Kit

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Introducing the Counter Custody Kit, inspired by some of the teachings of Ed Calderon. These are small, simple, yet versatile kits that can be carried in a number of different ways. Kevlar cordage for cutting through restraints, a small handcuff key that can be clipped onto a belt loop or pocket, and a key multitool with a small serrated blade. This kit is designed to be super low profile with the intention of passing any initial pat-downs or body searches. Carry options are unlimited but one of our favorites is the ol’ bandaid trick. As long as that bandaid is in an area that most don’t want to search…

Kevlar Cordage - pound for pound, some of the most reliable and multifaceted material on the market. With a 75 pound tensile strength, it is capable of cutting through wood, zip-ties, and seatbelts.

Handcuff Key clip - designed to be easily concealed on one’s body. Whether you clip it onto a pocket/belt loop or sew it into every pair of pants you have, it is an absolutely necessary item for counter custody situations.

Utili key - a low vis blade/multitool option to assist in situations that require cutting or prying. We will be reviewing a few of the many uses of a simple low Vis tool like this.

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