Timney Trig Impact For Blk

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Timney has been asked to build a Remington Model 700 replacement trigger at a cost-effective price that does not compromise on quality. You asked. Timney listened. Introducing the Impact 700 - the newest trigger in Timneys extensive line of Remington 700 triggers that are American-made by the incredible craftsmen and women who build, The Worlds Finest Triggers. Timneys engineers designed this entry-level trigger by machining the parts from billet steel - no skimping with metal injection molding or rolled parts - while still hand-assembling, testing, and calibrating each trigger. This new trigger has a factory set pull weight of 3 - 4 pounds (non-adjustable) that will give you a crisp, clean break and features Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design (SEALd) which ensures a user-friendly experience. The Impact 700 is the next evolution of accuracy in a drop-in, replacement trigger for the iconic Remington Model 700 rifle. The secret to accuracy? It all starts with an amazing trigger and this trigger is truly amazing. The new Impact 700 trigger is Timneys latest, innovative, overnight success - 77 years in the making.

Features :
  • Fits Remington 700 Rifles
  • 3-4 Pounds
  • Non-Adjustable
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • A2 Tool Steel Sear
  • Black Oxide Steel Trigger
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